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SCHEDULED – Application Server (Appsrv) Maintenance: Thursday, 10/17: 10:00PM – 11:00PM

DETAILS OF WORK – The production application server (Appsrv) will be temporarily unavailable tonight from 10pm-11pm, while we perform necessary maintenance.  During this time, the applications that run on this server will not be accessible.

SERVICES AFFECTED – All applications running on Appsrv.  Special Note: Banner, Blackboard, Email, Wireless, and MyPace Portal will NOT be affected.

REASON FOR WORK – The work is necessary to correct an issue with duplicate profiles for one of the applications.

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SCHEDULED – Server Maintenance: Wednesday, 10/16: 10:00PM – 11:59PM

DETAILS OF WORK – There will be outages on all University-wide systems as we apply critical system patches.  The downtime on each server will be minimal (15 minutes) during this period.

SERVICES AFFECTED – Listserv, Portal, Web File Storage, Personal web pages, and applications on Appsrv. Special Note: Banner and Blackboard will not be affected.

REASON FOR WORK – Applying security patches to all servers

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RESOLVED – Confluence Service Degradation

RESOLVED (10/7, 6:55PM) – The service degradation issue with Confluence has been resolved and pages for the ITS Self-Help Center, Digital Toolkit, and other internal spaces are loading normally again.

MONITORING (10/7, 5:00PM) –  Confluence has identified the root cause of the intermittent service degradation and have mitigated the problem. Their technicians are monitoring the system and we will continue to update the community accordingly.

INVESTIGATING (10/7, 11:00AM) – Confluence is experiencing service degradation which is affecting loading pages for the ITS Self-Help Center, Digital Toolkit, and other internal spaces.  Their technicians are working to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

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SCHEDULED – Banner Maintenance: Sunday, 10/6: 4:00AM – 10:00AM

DETAILS OF WORK – The Banner Production Database will be unavailable while we apply SICAS  Financial Aid, Student, and general upgrades and patches.

SERVICES AFFECTED – Banner Production Database (Banner INB and Banner Self-Service) and all related third party products (such as MyPace Portal, TouchNet, Appworx, PayPal, E-Procurement, etc.)

REASON FOR WORK – We will be applying SICAS Financial Aid, Student, and general upgrades and patches.

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SCHEDULED – Out-of-Band Microsoft Patch Update: Thursday, 10/3: (3:00AM) – Friday, 10/11 (3:00AM)

DETAILS OF WORK – Microsoft has released an out-of-band security patch update for the Internet Explorer browser, which will be deployed to all University workstations during overnight hours between Thursday, 10/3: (3:00AM) and Friday, 10/11 (3:00AM).  The patch installation will cause the workstations to automatically reboot.  For any workstation that is turned off, it will install the patch and reboot the next time it is kept turned on during overnight hours, even if it’s after the stated timeframe above.  Special note: Although you should leave your computer on overnight in order for the patch to install successfully, please make sure to save all your work and close all other applications before leaving the office each day during this time.

SERVICES AFFECTED – University workstations.

REASON FOR WORK – This out-of-band patch update addresses a scripting engine memory corruption vulnerability found in Internet Explorer.

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